Digital Forensic Workstations

India’s first and only BIS certified (License No.R-81007072) Digital Forensic Analysis Workstation with the capacity of Automatic Data Processing. It is equipped an option of dual monitors or single monitor, connected with HDMI ports.

This Machine can perform multiple forensic examination together like Data Carving. Analysis and other GUI tasks on Multiple Hard disks. Equipped with dedicated graphics, the workstation has the capability of hyper threading.

Crime Scene Investigation Kit

Crime scene investigation requires special skills and tools to collect evidence from the crime scene. This high-quality crime scene investigation kit containing collection, packing and preservation tools has a stamp of quality, coming from India’s first and only private forensic lab with ISO/IEC17025:2017 Standards in Testing by NABL.

Latent Fingerprint Kit

Fingerprints provide key mark/evidence in countless serious crimes. Fingerprints are considered vital evidence at any crime scene to identify criminal.

Various types of fingerprints like patent and plastic finger prints can be collected and latent fingerprints can be developed using this kit.

Our Workstation

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