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Forensic Handwriting Examination

Handwriting examination compares known writing specimens to disputed documents to determine if the writer is who they claim to be. Specimens can include canceled checks, letters, and diaries. Handwriting analysis is useful for disputes involving suicide notes, bank check frauds, and anonymous letters. It can identify the actual writer of a document or confirm the victim's writing.

What is Forensic Handwriting Examination?

Forensic Handwrting Examination

Handwriting examination is the comparison of known specimens to questioned or disputed handwritten documents. Good sources of writing specimens may include items such as cancelled cheques, letters, diaries, suicide notes, signed receipts, medical records, real estate contracts, tax records, or other legal or important documents.
There are many cases where handwriting becomes a disputed such as in the case of suicide letters, holographic will, bank cheque frauds, anonymous letter, ransom notes, etc. Such cases demand the handwriting analysis to know:

(a) Whether the person (victim in a disputed handwriting case) alleged to have written a disputed document have actually written it or not?
(b) Who has actually written the disputed document?

(This pertains to analyse suspect(s)’s handwriting to identify the writer)
In the first scenario, (a) the specimen and/or admitted handwriting samples of the victim (here) are collected, analysed and compared with the disputed or questioned handwriting sample(s) to ascertain whether he/she is the actual writer or not.
In the second scenario (b) if there are any suspect(s) for a disputed or questioned document, then the specimen and/or admitted handwriting samples are collected, analysed and compared with the disputed or questioned handwriting sample(s) to establish whether the suspect is the actual writer or not.

Forgery Detection in Handwritten Documents

Mechanical Erasure of Handwriting

Another aspect of forensic handwriting analysis concerns with detection of alteration, addition, deletion or examination of obliterated handwriting. This is very crucial in forensic documents examination. Such issues are encountered for instance in bank cheques fraud when an amount is altered by changing a digit in an amount or by addition of a digit which changes the whole amount to be credited and in many other cases.

Although no forgery is a perfect one. It still carries the signs which indicates the forgery. However, such signs are not visible to the naked eyes of a layman. Detection of forgery in such handwritten disputed or questioned documents requires a skilled forensic documents expert and dedicated tools for forensic examination in such cases to unveil the forgery and to help and save the victim.

At Connectel‘s (Forensic Division), Forensic Documents Examination including Forensic Handwriting Examination is done with highest credibility and impartiality. Being the first and Only Forensic Science laboratory in private sector accredited by Government of India for ISO / IEC 17025 :2017 Standards acceptable worldwide by all Government and Regulatory bodies we only deliver quality forensic testing. By virtue of this accreditation, we are at par with any other similarly accredited forensic science laboratory in government sector in 107 member countries of ISO and India for report generation capability.

We maintain proper chain of custody at the laboratory from the point of receiving/collection of evidence till the disposal of forensic examination report. The observation and results of the forensic examination of evidence are kept confidential.

Reports generated by our forensic laboratory are admissible in the Indian Court of Law in the same category followed by the Government FSL’s. Further, we provide 65B certificate for admissibility of electronic evidence under Indian Evidence Act, 1872.

Our forensic experts are skilled and can testify in Indian courts to provide Expert Opinion under Section 45 of Indian Evidence Act, 1872.

Connectel- India's Best Forensics Laboratory
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