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Connectel- India's Best Forensics Laboratory

Forensic Documents Examination

Forensic document examination is a forensic science process that provides evidence about disputed documents using scientific methods. The evidence may include alterations, forgery, authenticity, origin, or other disputed aspects. This examination can include various types of documents such as contracts, wills, bank cheques, currency, and passports.

What is Forensic Document Examination?

In forensic science, questioned document examination is the examination of documents potentially disputed in the Court of law. Its primary purpose is to provide evidence about a suspicious or questionable document using scientific processes and methods. Evidence might include alterations, obliteration, the chain of possession, damage to the document, forgery, origin, authenticity, or other questions that come up when a document is challenged in court.

A Simplified Guide to Forensic Document Examination Evidence That May Be Examined-

Questioned material may consist of identification cards, contracts, wills, titles and deeds, seals, stamps, bank cheques, handwritten correspondence, machine-generated documents (such as those from photocopiers, fax machines, and printers), currency, charred documents and travel documents such as passports, visa stamps, etc.
Connectel- India's Best Forensics Laboratory
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