Using Connectel’s call detail record analysis and cell phone mapping, you’ll save time and money in the long run. Bring your A-Game to LINX with the most comprehensive data collection you can find, and watch it do magic! Signing up, entering some information about your case, and uploading takes only a few seconds. Crazy, excellent analysis is used to map your records. Peruse data such as average and abnormal call volume and nearby addresses and dates/times in customizable reports. What a surprise! Filtering by contacts is also possible! We have been accorded ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Standard Accreditation by NABL (constituent board of Quality Council of Indian, Government of India).

Our goal is to provide you with an efficient and thorough investigation. We urge you to investigate all of your information from the service provider thoroughly. We’ve worked long and hard to ensure that you can submit as much data as you like! Anyone in your organization with access to call detail records can do this function! Use for as long as you want. There is no end to the number of people who can utilize this.

Services CDR-Analysis

Telephone companies’ call monitoring and recording software generate many call detail records (CDRs) in real-time, and enterprises are continuously looking for ways to use this data to increase productivity. The volume of calls and data gathered or inspected by call monitoring software is so big and overwhelming that it is impossible to manually evaluate and draw conclusions about the behavior of the network.

Using call data records from several sources, CDR Analysis provides tools for identifying patterns and trends in call data records and searching for suspicious ways in calls that may suggest fraud.

Our goal is to offer you a speedy and thorough investigation. We strongly advise you to properly investigate all of the information you have received from the service provider. We’ve worked long and hard to ensure that you can contribute as much information as you want without restriction! This function can be performed by anyone in your organization who has access to call detail records! You can use it for as long as you like, and there is no limit to the number of persons who can take advantage of this opportunity.

The significance of using a call detail record investigation laboratory is discussed below.

  • A call detail record (CDR) log keeps track of all invoiced phone calls on your system. The call detail record analysis laboratory may then generate your bills, and you will be able to keep track of how and when your phone system was used.
  • Business owners frequently utilize call detail records (CDRs) to track and report on phone calls, resolve conflicts, and track how money is spent. The call detail record investigation laboratory can use CDRs to determine the cause of a phone service outage if the service has been interrupted.
  • For example, call detail records (CDRs) can assess calling trends and gain insight into how the staff is using their phones.
  • It is possible to make better management and personnel decisions by analyzing patterns and trends.

Cellular call detail records (CDR), also known as call detail records of mobile number, IMEI, and tower dump, are used by law enforcement organizations to investigate crimes. This is a very technical and complex form of research. Mobile service providers provide CDR to law enforcement and government authorities. A large amount of data, typically in spreadsheet or text format, makes it impractical to evaluate manually. PurpleRadiance’s CDR Analysis Software is a tool for analyzing call detail records that it offers to customers. This software generates various valuable reports that are beneficial to law enforcement authorities in their investigations of criminal activities.

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    It is possible to discover relationships between calls made by different people or organizations in seconds. This software performs numerous active calculations over a tower dump to determine the relationships between calls or individuals operating at various places. Finding similar numbers, IMEI, and IMSI of different people and other mobile towers or locations can all be accomplished with the help of this application. This software shows facts in a graphical format to aid in better comprehension. This software allows for the investigation of suspects’ social networks to be carried out. All of the reports are straightforward to comprehend. Depending on the context, it is also known as CDR Data Analysis Software or Tower Dump Analysis Software.

    Analysis of Mobile Phone Numbers

    Mobile companies record all calls, SMS messages, and data session information, including the caller’s number, the date, time, length, and latitude and longitude coordinates. Law enforcement agencies use this information to investigate one or more target individuals.

    What information can we glean from mobile number analysis?

    • The ability to generate a thorough report of calling patterns that provides insight into the target person’s behavior.
    • A spot that is frequently visited and a night out location.
    • Locate the contact information for family members and close friends.
    • Follow the progress of the vehicle on a Google map.
    • Find out whether you have any mutual friends or frequent destinations.

    IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification)

    Nowadays, people change their cell phones regularly, and crooks take advantage of this trend to mislead police officials. The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is an identification number unique to each handset. The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a 15-digit number that contains information on the device’s origin, model, and serial number. With knowledge of the IMEI, the officer can quickly track down the culprit by studying single and multiple IMEI CDRs.

    What information can we glean from IMEI analysis?

    • A person may use a variety of different sim cards.
    • When and where a person has changed their mobile phone number.
    • Different types of SIM cards that can be used to phone friends, family, and gang members are identified.
    • Follow the progress of the vehicle on a Google map.

    Why Should You Use Connectel?

    • Crimes and evidence that are becoming digitally sophisticated create a “public safety gap,” which Connectel assists law enforcement agencies in closing by strengthening their investigative procedures.
    • We will modernize your agency’s investigative process in collaboration with Connectel’s Digital Intelligence Platform. Your investigative culture will be transformed, eliminating high-risk “forced choices” throughout the investigation model.
    • We are well aware of the significant responsibility of running a business that engages with law enforcement authorities while also respecting citizens’ privacy. As a result, Connectel believes in a safer world and a legitimate and ethical means of conducting business in the long run.
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