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Handwriting Examination:

Penmanship starts inside the mind when an image of letters and words are framed. Handwriting examination goes through forged handwriting examination in various aspects. We conduct Handwriting forensic examination on forged documents like bank cheques, legal documents-sale deeds, property documents, contracts, business papers and handwritten documents – suicide notes, anonymous letters etc.

Signature Examination:

Signature of an individual is like finger impression, DNA or handwriting. It can’t be really same as penmanship. Forged signature is of various types like disguised signatures, traced signature, transplant signature, copied signature, and so on. Signature examination can be conducted on various legal documents, contracts, bank papers, cheque, business documents etc.

Fingerprint Examination:

Fingerprints of each individual are unique in their ridge patterns that is maintained lifelong unless physical injury or cosmetically changed. Fingerprint examination deals with comparison of a various questioned impressions on legal documents eg. FIR, will, contract, deeds, registry, etc.

Questioned Documents Examination:

Confirm the authenticity of an archive, utilized as proof in court or help in an examination. Such archives samples in the form of documents are known as “QUESTIONED DOCUMENTS.” The expression “questioned documents” alludes to any handwriting, signature, typing, mark, or imprint whose credibility is in debate. Forged seal impression, forged documents also examined in this section.

Photograph Verification:

Using various computer software, photographs can be easily altered. For examination purpose authenticity of photographs can be ascertained to rule out any tampering or manipulation to the original photographs.

Counterfeit Currency:

With the help of cutting-edge technology, we can examine & identify counterfeit currency notes, Credit Card, Aadhar card, PAN card, Driving Licence, passport verification etc.


We undertake translations of source–language available in form of text, audio or video to various Indian & international languages, and vice-versa.

CDR Analysis:

CDR Analysis and Investigation to help Investigation Agencies, Security Agencies and Law Enforcement Agencies to analyse, investigate and work on the “Call Data Records”.

Crime Scene Reconstruction:

Crime scene reconstruction or crime location recreation that encompasses deductive and inductive thinking, actual evidence, logical techniques, and their interrelationships.

Crime scene photography:

It is also referred as as forensic imaging or crime scene photography. It is the art of producing an accurate reproduction of a crime scene or an accident scene using photography for the benefit of the court or to aid in an investigation process.

Collection of Evidence:

A wide variety of physical, digital, or biological or any other evidences can be collected at a scene of crime that is deemed valuable (“probative”) for collection and investigation:

Packaging Of Evidence:

Packing of collected evidence in a suitable evidence bags, sealing and arrange for transfer to the respective departments/laboratories.

Data Recovery:

Recovery of deleted data from electronic storages devices.

  • Data recovery from Hard disk
  • Data recovery from graphic cards
  • Data recovery from SSD
  • Data recovery from mobile phone (iPhone, Android)
  • Data recovery from CD, DVD
  • Data recovery from Computers, desktop, laptop, tablets
  • Data recovery from USB flash Drives
  • Data recovery from SD Card.
Mobile Forensics:

Mobile Forensics includes

  • Deleted Data recovery
  • Mobile data extraction
  • Data acquisition of WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook & other social media platforms.
  • Data recovery after factory reset
  • Data extraction of Skype, cloud-based application such as Drop Box, Google Drive, emails etc.
CCTV Forensics:

CCTV analysis includes

  • Footage extraction from CCTV
  • Deleted data from CCTV
  • Photograph Verification From CCTV
  • Authentication of CCTV Footage
  • Analysis of video extract from CCTV
  • Image enhancement
Audio/Video verification:

Audio and video analysis can be done on for various exhibits that may be used as evidence in court. Forensic analysis of audio/video includes:

  • Enhancement of audio/video files
  • Authentication of audio/video files
  • Examination of tampering in audio/video files
  • Examination of manipulation in audio/video files
  • Examination of Addition, deletion in audio/video file
  • Image enhancement
Computer Forensics:

Computer forensics involves various services:

  • Deleted data recovery
  • Data extraction
  • Data indexing
  • Data mounting
  • Bit locker examination.
  • Social apps recovery
  • Email forensics.
Malware Analysis-

Analyzing a suspicious file for potential threats and uncover hidden indicators of compromise. Analyzing techniques used: Static analysis, Dynamic analysis/ Behavioral Analysis, Code analysis, Memory analysis/ Memory forensics etc.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing-

Complete automated and manual analysis of vulnerabilities existing in Web and mobile applications. Discover and repair all vulnerabilities through detailed code analysis and all-round security assessments.

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