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Penmanship starts inside the mind when an image of letters and words are framed. At that point signs to copy the psychological picture are communicated to the arm and hand through muscles and sensory system. Penmanship assessment falls into the criminological science field of actual science.These reports are analyzed by master forensic questioned documents experts QDEs. QDEs search for imitations and changes and make correlations if there is a unique example of penmanship accessible.

Penmanship begins in the mind when a picture of letters and words is framed in a mental picture frame. At that time, signals to reproduce the psychological image are conveyed to the arm and hand through the muscles and sensory system. The arm and hand copy the psychological picture. Penmanship evaluation is a branch of actual physical evidence in forensic science that falls within the criminological physical evidence in forensic science umbrella. These reports are subjected to in-depth examination by master physical forensics lab questioned documents experts (QDEs). If there is a single sample of penmanship that can be accessed, QDEs will search for imitations and alterations and make correlations.

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