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August 9, 2021by Connectel

In recent decades the crime rate has severely increased, whether it is a domestic one or burglaries. Therefore, the need to have proper security options has also increased with time. Closed Circuit Televisions are a crucial part of the modern security system, and they play an essential role in digital investigation. Having a safe CCTV system is necessary to improve the security measures taken to maximize protection.

Surveillance cameras may have some problems while producing clear video images if they are not appropriately maintained. They can get blurry double images or freeze sometimes.

Why CCTV images become blurry at times?
CCTV cameras have some advance adjustment settings that may be tuned up from time to time. If the CCTV is installed outdoor and is continuously exposed to different elements of nature, then it may sometimes give blurry images.

Often the CCTV camera images are blurry at night. Adjustments in settings, focus setting on the camera lens may improve the image quality. The tightening of the cables can also help in avoiding the sudden ‘freezing’ of the images, and this may improve the blurry, fuzzy photos as well.

There are some other factors which can be responsible for having a blurry picture or having issues with night vision:

  1. The camera lens can be dirty.
  2. The extension cable may be too long and loose at positions. It can create hindrance while producing clear pictures.
  3. The resolution of the said camera may be low.
  4. If the operation of the CCTV camera takes place through Wi-Fi, then it is a must to check if the connection is stable. Weak Wi-Fi signals may be a reason for bad quality pictures.
  5. The monitor, too, may have low image resolution.

How to improve the quality of images?
It sometimes happens when the CCTV captures some evidence of a crime or vandalism. However, the faces of the criminals cannot be identified because of the low image quality. After the advancement of technology, CCTV cameras are counted as the most trusted equipment for digital investigation. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the image quality of the CCTV camera. There are different ways to improve the quality of the CCTV image and make it brighter:

  1. Tightening of the metal coupler on the end of the cable behind the camera, twisting it clockwise with the pliers.
  2. Proper cleaning of the lens: It can be done by blowing compressed air from the can onto the glass. After that, wipe out the dirt from the lens with a lens cloth, which is generally available at camera shops.
  3. Adjusting the focus ring on the front edge of the camera lens may help to sharpen the video image and remove the fuzziness of the photos.
  4. Setting the iris control: Changing the iris control to automatic can help to get a clearer image. The iris adjusts the camera shutter to accommodate the change of light conditions at different times of the day. Thus, helping you to get a clear picture even at night. Cameras have a similar feature named as backlight compensation. When this option is set as ‘On,’ the video image does not wash out even if direct light hits the lens.
  5. Checking the security camera specifications: The user must verify the security camera specifications to make sure if the cable runs in the proper range. If the camera is wireless, then it should be kept near the router. Maintaining the wireless CCTV camera at a far distance may hamper its efficiency.
  6. Vary-focal cameras require adjustments from time to time for better results. If the security cameras fail to focus, then the images will be blurry.
  7. If the security camera is not showing images, then the user needs to test the security camera on a different DVR / NVR port. Swapping the input cables may make some difference. But, this depends on the fact, if the video format of the security cameras supports the compatibility with DVR / NVRs support.
  8. If the security cameras show green and pink images, then the user must try to turn on and off the IR lights manually. Turning the power cycle of the camera off and on by disconnecting the power connection may solve this problem.
  9. If the security camera produces bright pictures, then the user needs to remove the camera from the direct source of light, such as the sun or spotlight. If the security camera has an adjustable sunshade, then it can be slide forward to block excess light.
  10. If the security camera pictures are either too dark or bright, then the brightness and contrast settings of the camera should be adjusted. The camera must have a resolution of 2560*1440 or at least 1920*1080 to get a clear legible picture.
  11. Some security cameras have high-quality night vision. If the camera does not have an IR cut filter, then it can capture blurry night images. Therefore, the user must check the features of the camera before buying it.
  12. Most security cameras provide the manufacturing companies update, and they provide new firmware with improved features and bug fixes. Their website has information about the particular update from where the user can check it.

The security camera may show some disorder if not correctly maintained. The user can try to “RESTART” if the image quality of the CCTV camera is not good. If the camera is showing black or green patches, then the user can also use the “RESTART” button. But, it is more convenient to contact the Technical support team of the manufacturing company. An email or call to the support team will help the user to solve the image issues as fast as possible.

Securities cameras are nowadays considered as essentials. They play a crucial role in digital investigation. For any stealing, burglary, road accidents, the police force and investigating team rely on CCTV footage. Therefore, when it comes to safety, the CCTV cameras are a must.

They help the process of digital investigation by generating video evidence. This evidence can help the prosecution by establishing the flow of the correct course of action. As these footages carry valuable proof for court trials and work to ensure the safety of the user, the security cameras should be appropriately maintained. Hence, if they have any issues with image quality, immediate action needs to be taken.

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