Forensic Workstation


Forensic WorkstationA BIS Certified Made in India Forensic Workstation

– Your one stop solution to all digital forensic needs

Considering buying a high-end machine that can help cater all your forensic needs? Our forensic workstation is the solution to all your forensic examination needs. It combines a high-speed multi-core processor and ultra-fast memory with a high-performance SSD to give you the best performance at a great value. The machine has capability of hyper threading and thus can work on multiple drives simultaneously, performing tasks like Data Carving, analysis and other GUI tasks on multiple Hard disks. Our workstation has the capacity of Automatic Data Processing. It is equipped an option of dual monitors or single monitor, connected with HDMI ports. We believe in providing you quality product. Because our workstation is BIS certified (License No. R-81007072), you can rest assured that you will get the best quality.
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